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The Dress Alterations Process

Step 1: Setting your Initial Consultation

Call or email to get on our calendar. We recommend beginning alterations 12-14 weeks prior to your wedding. However, if you have or need a different time-line, just give us a call and we can surely work something out!

Appointments are available M,W,Th 10am-5pm and F,Sat. 10am-1pm. After hours appointments are available as needed.  Saturdays are premium spots that lots of girls want, so booking in advance can help you secure one of those slots!

Step 2: Your Initial Consultation/Fitting

Come in for your scheduled consultation. During this initial consultation you will get into your wedding gown and we will go over everything that needs to be done.  We will also give you an estimate for anticipated alterations planned. We will schedule a follow up appointment as well!

Some things to bring to all of your appointments:

-Shoes, any undergarments you plan to wear, and of course, the dress!

-A $75 deposit is required at initial fitting with final payment due upon completion.  Although, partial payments can be made at anytime. Check, cash or credit card accepted (Check and Cash Preferred!)

-A smile... the perfect accessory to bring to every fitting!

Step 3: Follow Up Fittings

At your follow up fittings you will get back into your dress.  At this time we will confirm fitting and hem lengths to finalize your alterations. Anticipate coming back at least one more time. 

Some things to remember as you come in for your fittings:

-Bring shoes and undergarments to every fitting.

- Feel free to bring in accessories, jewelry, veils to try on with your dress. This is your time to see everything together!

Step 4: Pressing/Steaming/Taking the Dress Home!

Taking the dress home! Yay, your wedding gown has been altered and is ready to go home with you. All final payments are due at this time so don't forget your cash/check or credit card.

Some things to consider at this point:

- Getting the dress home. Make sure you have enough room in your car for your dress! Also, a place to store it that it can hang fully.

- Pressing/Steaming. We do press the parts of the dress we work on, but your dress may still need to be fully pressed out. We do offer this service, just ask us about it! (Cost is usually $45-$75).

Step 5: Pictures and Feedback

Give us feedback on how we have done! If you loved us, please take a minute to review us. If you have any other comments or issues please email and let us know. We are continuously trying to improve as a small family owned business, and we love your feedback! (

 Also, do not forget to SEND US PICTURES!!! You can email them to: